What should i do if my hair was appearing during namaz?

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After i finished from praying salat (i mean to pray alone at home) i realized later that some part of my hair was appearing out from hijab while i was praying (from back part). İs that salat accepted? nor Do i need to perform that salat again? May Allah guide us to the right path.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Men and women are expected to cover their ‘awrah’ parts during salat. ‘Awrah’ parts are different for men and women.
For men it is between the belly hole and the knees. For women it is all the body except the hands and the face. If these ‘awrah’ parts are opened during the salat, the salat becomes invalid. But there are some details.
According to the Hanafi sect, if someone starts the salat having the necessary covering and then an ‘awrah’ area of his or her body is opened accidentally, the amount of the opened area and the period it remains open is taken into consideration when making a decision. If less than one fourth of a limb remains open for a time in which one can say “Subhan'Allah” three times, then the salat does not become invalid; but if it lasts longer, it makes the salat invalid.
We kindly request you to decide according to this criterion.

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