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I am a Sunni girl, my age is 22. I want to marry a guy whom I love. He proposed me. And I really like him a lot. I talked to my mother about my love. And that he proposed me, and he wants to send his parents for proposal. But she said that I am too young and this is not rite age to get married for me. Also she said that I have elder sister and brothers so I should not thing of marriage before them. I agreed her and decided to wait. And I told my love to wait for the right time. Now the problem is my love's father who is not living with him right now engaged him with someone else and in their family. I know my mother just asked me to wait and she will never accept this proposal ever because he is not from my family and my brothers will also create problems. Both families are not agreed. We are mature and want to get married as soon as possible. Please advice us if we can get married without consent of both families and start a new life, because we don’t want to commit any sin... As my mother said this is not the right age of getting marred. What does Islam say about that? Please help, we want to get married as soon as possible. Is there any way?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Your age is mature enough for marrying. In Islam, one does not have to marry a member of one’s relative. Islam only forbids a woman to marry a non-Muslim man and forbids a man to marry an idolater woman. In the situation you ask about, according to the sects of Shafii, Hanbali and Maliki you can not marry without permission of your family. However, according to the Hanafi sect, you can marry without permission of them. It is better and advisable for both of you to get your family’s consent. But, if you still insist on marrying and if you are not a Hanafi, you can change your sect into Hanefi. Then, there shall not be any drawback in terms of religion.

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