Is it permissible for me to prepare a fake "Experience Certificate"?

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As i am not getting any job i felt depressed as i am elder son i did h/w and n/w course due to which i became like a mad person even if i do namaaz i dont feel relaxtaion ,unfortuantely i dint get job if i go for interview they askd for experience certificate so i decided to make fake experience certificate by giving 2000 Rs as i dint get job for 3 yrs
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a positive answer to your wish. First of all, the money intended to be given is a kind of bribe, and moreover a bribe to acquire an unlawful profit. You can call this unlawful or a sin.

Our humble advice is, before anything else, go to a specialist in order to improve your health. Even if the troubles that bother you are financial, it is highly probable as a result that now you are under stress or in depression. It is very important for you to be saved from spiritual troubles through such a health care; and that is vital for you to succeed in any work that you start, too. There is no drawback in searching for the ways to have free health care in public hospitals.

It should not be forgotten that not even a leaf falls down without Allah's permission. You should search for work through lawful means. Don't forget that we are in a test. Just as in abundance and joy we are responsible for offering thanks, so too in hardships we are responsible for bearing patiently. We wish patience for you, quick recovery, and fruitful work and we pray to our Lord that He opens up a door of lawful livelihood for you in a short time.

Whoever keeps from disobedience to God in reverence for Him and piety, He makes his affair easy for him” (The Qur’an, At-Talaaq, 65:4)

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But there is no way to get a single job through a legal way in Pakistan.You will give money, or provide a strong reference to get a job even if you have a good provable experience in hand you will still wait in a row. In Pakistan from where a simple person may get experience while he can't get job without experience. In every ad for a job at least 2 yrs exp is required. This all means that you are systematically forced to provide fake job experience certificate along with some safaris/reference or money to get a job and its halal or even i will say its ur farz to do so to provide a good future to your family and safeguard yourself from being frustrated all the life. Another option for a person in such position is that he should accumolate some capital and start some type of business in which he is interested. Now a days business is very very efficient than job. the choice is all yours frndz,,, Molvi ko apke dhuk ka kuch pata nahi chalta.
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