How is a nawafil prayer is performed?

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How is a nawafil prayer is performed?
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The best way to perform nafl* prayers is to perform them in two rakats and it is performed like the last sunnah of noon prayer (Dhuhr). However, nafl prayers can also be performed in four rakats. If performed in four raka’ats, then it should be performed like sunnah of afternoon prayer (Asr). When in qa’da (sitting) of the second rakat, prayers (dua) of salli and barik should be recited and then rise to qiyam (standing). In the third rakat, subhanaka is recited and after basmala, Fatiha and a short sura of three verses (zamm-i sura) should be recited.

Moreover, the last sunnah of Dhuhr and the last sunnah of Isha’a can also be performed in four rakats. If they are performed in four rakats, they are performed like the sunnah of Asr.


Donation, grant, captured property, a voluntary work. It means the prayers except fard and wajib prayers and narrated to be performed by the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). These are divided into two: sunnah nafls and mandub nafls. Sunnah nafl means the strong acts which the messenger of Allah continued to perform and rarely quitted. The reason for that he did not perform them sometimes is to show people that they are not fards. Mandup nafl means weak acts, which the Prophet sometimes performed and sometimes did not perform. Mandub is also called mustahabb.

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