Is it permissible for me to make nikah with a woman who escaped from family violence?

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Asalaam Aleykum, I want to make nikah but the girl has escaped from the violance that takes place in her household and has had to move away from her family, she is currently living in a womens refuge. She has asked her parent's consent to get married but they have disowned her and told her that she can marry whoever she wants because she is no longer a daughter of that family. My family have agreed on my behalf and want us to get married, can we still make nikah according to our situation?
The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

According to your situation you can make nikah.

According to Hanefi sect, a woman who is in her adolescence can marry without the permission of her parents. But according to Shafii sect, even if the woman is in her adolescence, getting permission from father is necessary before marriage. If she belongs to Shafii sect, you can get permission from her father and then get marry. 

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