It has been discovered that the genetic structure of human brain cells does not remain fixed during man's life and that it changes. Is this genetic change not evolution? Is this change in genes not transferred to the next generation?

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It has been discovered that the genetic structure of human brain cells does not remain fixed during man's life and that it changes. Is this genetic change not evolution? Is this change in genes not transferred to the next generation?
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The genetic structure of cells does not generally change. However, the food that is taken, the inner or external environment might cause some reactions that pressure or delays the effect mechanisms of genes or that change the direction of the effect. In that case, the effect of the gene becomes apparent in different ways.  

However, the important point that should not be overlooked here is that no deed or reaction is aimless or takes place randomly.

In the past, science said that brain cells did not change at all; today, it says that they change, at least the effect mechanisms in its genetic structure change. No matter if the brain cell or the effect of the genetic structure changes, all of these changes are the works of the endless knowledge, will and power. 

Let me tell you something more than it: There are about one hundred trillion cells in human body.

All cells except brain cells always change. Five million white blood cells die every second and new ones are created. Cells are renewed and increase in number up to a certain age. If this change did not take place, man would remain as he was born. 

The cells of not only human beings but also all living beings, that is to say, animals and plants, always change and are renewed. The being that places these cells into their proper places, that sends the calcium that needs to go to the bone to the bone, not to the eye, is Allah, who is the owner of everything and who administrates the whole universe with His endless knowledge, will and power. They do not take place as a result of coincidental and random incidents as atheists claim.  

The issue on which those who defend creation and evolutionists cannot agree is the claim of the evolutionists that one living thing comes into being out of another living thing coincidentally. Otherwise, the changes that take place as a result of Allah’s knowledge and will take place all over the universe. Nothing is fixed. Living things change; similarly non-living realm always changes. When the world was first created, it was not like that. It changed in various eras with Allah’s knowledge, will and power; it is still changing; rocks turn into soil and soil nurtures plants.

Every living thing is born, grows up, from one shape to another based on the laws of development and change; after the period of youth, they get old and die.   

They are all formed by Allah’s endless knowledge, will and power. Changing of brain cells or remaining the same are also subject to the same laws. Even when the brain cells do not change, they are active and functioning. How can the feeding and respiration of the cells, decomposition and combination of food be overlooked?   

No matter if the cell changes or remains the same during the whole life of that living thing, three thousand different reactions happen in a cell every second. All of these activities have to be attributed to Allah, who has endless knowledge, will and power. They cannot be attributed to deaf nature, blind force or to some words and phrases like evolution, which is defined differently by everybody based on their own understanding, by any means. 

Each incident that takes place in the cell happens in accordance with thousands of probabilities; the state of an enzyme or reaction after several phases is taken into account; no trace of confusion is seen in any cell; every act is fulfilled by considering the finest details. They cannot be done by a being that does not have endless knowledge, will and power.

The genetic structure of living things does not always show its effect fully due to the pressure of the environment. For instance, the incident of cancer seen in cells appears due to the different orientation of the genetic structure. Very few of them can also be transferred to the young. However, the basic structure of that living thing does not change. A man remains a man and a chicken remains a chicken.  

Even if a human being comes out of a monkey or a monkey comes out of a human being, it cannot be accepted as scientific evidence that living things come out of one another. If the same result is obtained at each trial of an incident, it can be accepted as a beginning of a chain only then.

Otherwise, to reach a conclusion acting upon some assumptions is not a scientific act but an ideological approach.

Prof. Dr. Âdem Tatlı

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