If a person cannot wake up for the morning prayer (fajr), if he, say, gets up at 9 o’clock, how can he perform the morning prayer?

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1) How should one make intention (niyyah), should he say, “the prayer that I have missed”? 2) Is it necessary to perform the sunnah of the morning prayer? 3) Can it be performed in congregation? 4) If one performs it after the sun rises, should he make intention as a missed (qada) prayer or a prayer in time?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

One of the fards of prayer is to perform it on time. Therefore, a prayer that is not performed in time is regarded to have missed. A person is held responsible for missed prayers.

Apart from performing a missed prayer, it is necessary to repent and to be careful so as not to miss a prayer again.

If the morning prayer is performed after the period of time determined for it, it is performed as a missed prayer. If a person performs the missed morning prayer before noon on the same day, he needs to perform both the sunnah and fard of the morning prayer.

Missed prayers can be performed in congregation. However, those people have to perform the same prayer as a missed prayer.

When the morning prayer is performed before the noon prayer, it is performed together with its sunnah. One can make niyyah as follows when he performs the sunnah prayer as a missed (qada) prayer:

"I intend to perform the sunnah of the morning prayer as qada."

When he performs the fard prayer as a qada prayer, he can make niyyah as follows:

"I intend to perform the fard of the morning prayer as qada."

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