husband torture n refuses to accept khula wat should i do

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Assalm im married to my husband since 7 months but even though my husband provided me with food n clothing he torture me. for no reason he beats me saying islam has given right for husband to dominate. he had even made intention to do intercourse through the anal inspite of knowing it is haram. he had even put blame on me. i tried to sort it out my family discussion his family denied saying he wil not change i have to accept but now i have decided to khula but he refuses me wat should i do?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Firstly it is neither religiously nor morally acceptable for a man to beat his wife, claiming he is the master. It is also a sin, to attribute his commitment to the religion. He should give up such a wrong idea.

You can apply to a court to divorce him. If the court divorces you, you are also regarded as religiously divorced. If you think you are going to get into trouble if you divorce, we advise you to be patient.

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