What is your opinion about 30 hours of Famine Campaign?

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In last few years some people conduct a campaign called "30 hours of famine" They neglect food for 30 hours, having a few drink at that period. Here the aim is remembering the poor and the hungry. It is good and I am in favor of that, but one thing I don't like about this campaign is that campaign will begin exactly on 22nd of August, the day when Ramadhan begins. I want to know the thoughts of Islamic Shariah about campaign. Is it possibly campaign to insult Muslims or is it just a case that should be ignored?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

There is no such a fasting in Islam and it is never ever true to practice. In order to remember the hungry people, it is necessary for us to practice the Ramadan fasting which is one of God’s orders and Muslim’s obligatory acts (fard). Besides it is possible to achieve the same aim by fasting outside Ramadan. This is called nafila (supererogatory) fasting

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Nafila (supererogatory) fasting

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