How long and why did Prophet Adam remain away from Hawwa (Eve)?

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How long and why did Prophet Adam remain away from Hawwa (Eve)?
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According to the narrations, -after the known event- when they were appointed to set the humankind family and with the duty of vicegerency and sent from heaven to the earth, Prophet Adam settled in Serendib Island of India (according to some scholars, on the Mount Ice or Wasim ), Hawwa settled in Jeddah.

-They said: "Our Lord! We have wronged our own souls: if Thou forgive us not and bestow not upon us Thy Mercy we shall certainly be lost."(al Araf, 7/27) We understand from this ayah that their separation took place before their repentance and that it was the continuation of the exile punishment  on the earth. Besides, the divine wisdom aroused mutual enthusiasm and desire between them with this temporary separation and indicated the necessity of family’s permanence to them and to their future generations.

- This separation is also important for reminding the facts that the real happiness for the humankind family will be in heaven after the separation coming with death, and for this to come true, they need to repent for their sins. For, the real separation is the one that occurs in the afterworld; likewise, the real happiness is the happy picture that occurs in  the eternal life.

- The place that put an end to the separation of Prophet Adam and Hawwa and gathered them again is Arafat. Today, millions of people gathering in Arafat every year reminds us of Arasat area in the afterworld.

- This event shows us that to rebel against Allah is full of physical and spiritual separations. To be regretful for the bad deeds with repentance, pleading by turning to the Lord's door again is the only way of happiness and reuniting. Then, we should reunite in the love of Allah altogether as loving and beloved ones; in this way, we should move away from Hell which is the place of absence and separation, and show that we are worthy of heaven, which is the eternal place of presence and reunion.

- After Prophet Adam cried out and pleaded for two hundred years, his repentance and prayers were accepted and he was ordered to go to Hajj: “But his Lord chose him (for His Grace): He turned to him, and gave him guidance.” (Ta'ha, 20/122). Prophet Adam met Hawwa in the Arafat Plain. He built the Kaabah.

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