Where were Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Hawwa (Eve) buried?

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Where were Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Hawwa (Eve) buried?

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There are various narrations in Islamic sources about where the grave of Hazrat Adam is.  According to Ibn Ishaq, the grave of Adam is somewhere in the east of Paradise; according to other narrations, it is the Abu Qubays cave in Makkah, or in Nevz mountain in India. (see Thalabi 37) According to another narration, Noah put the coffin of Adam on the Ark and buried it in Baytulmaqdis after the deluge. (see ibid; Süleyman Hayri Bolay, Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı Ansiklopedisi, İstanbul, 1988: 1/362-363)

Hazrat Hawwa (Eve) died one year after the death of Hazrat Adam and was buried near him. There are various narrations about the grave of Hazrat Adam; similarly, it is not known where the grave of Hazrat Eve is. The grave in Jeddah which was regarded to belong to Hazrat Hawwa and which was visited by Evliya Çelebi, was leveled by the Saudi administration. (see TDV İslam Ansiklopedisi, VII. 524)

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