how to feed the poor if i cant fast

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i am sick and take medication through out the day and so if i cant fast i need to know how can i feed a poor person i dont know anyone or cant find anyone thats poor can i put money into a jar and send the money to someone thats poor in another country as my friend is from pakistan and knows people that are poor? if not what shell i do i am so worried about this please help me.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

If one cannot fast, s/he must feed an indigent (if can afford) during the month Ramadan (if the reason that prevent him/her from fasting is permanent). If s/he cannot afford s/he doesn't have to do something else. This ransom can be given whether directly or indirectly to the person in need. Also it can be sent to any other countries. The condition for such ransom is that it must be used just for indigents or students. For example it can be given to an aid organizaiton on the condition that they must spend the money just for the pople in need or students.

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