Does a woman who cannot fast in pregnancy perform fasting later or pay fidyah?

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I cannot decide whether to fast or not in Ramadan because I am pregnant. My doctor says, "Pregnant women should not fast." I fear that I will not be able to perform fasting later. Is it all right if I give some money to the poor for each day I do not fast in Ramadan and try to fast later?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

You need to have the intention to perform the fasting that you miss when you are pregnant. You need to perform fasting for the days that you miss afterwards when you can.

A person who has the power to perform fasting cannot be freed of the responsibility of fasting by paying fidyah. You canbe freed of the responsibility of fasting only by performing fasting later. If you cannot fast for the days that you have missed due to legitimate excuses, you will not be held responsible. For instance, a woman who has the intention of fasting for the days she has missed due to pregnancy dies before she performs them, she will not be held responsible.

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