Does a woman who is breastfeeding or pregnant have to perform fasting in Ramadan?

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Ramadan is approaching and we want some information about an issue. Is it better for the pregnant women to fast or not to fast? Will the mother and father have violated the rights of the child to be born if she fasts? They say a pregnant woman should fast if she can; how can we understand if it will be risky for the child to be born or not? It may not be risky now but will it be risky for the child in the future? Will it cause the child to be mentally or bodily weak?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Pregnancy is a sensitive issue; therefore, it is better to decide together with the doctor.

A pregnant woman should not fast in the first and last three months of pregnancy. In healthy pregnancy, a woman can fast in the fourth, fifth and sixth months of the pregnancy under the control of a doctor.

If a woman who is breastfeeding or pregnant fears that she or her baby will be harmed, she can perform fasting later. This decree does not change even if the baby belongs to somebody else.

In conclusion, we advise you to act in accordance with the decision of a religious doctor who is a specialist.

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