How can we help a young Muslim who is under the influence of bad friends ?

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Assalam-o-alikum, My query is very urgent because a friend of mine recently moved to UK, as a student. The problem is that she lives in University accommodation with non-Muslims, she has very less Muslim friends, as a result she started going out to clubs, bar, engaging in alcohol. The kitchen environment has introduces the smell of bacon and she also perturbed in non islamic activities by engaging with opposite sex. Please help!!!
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Dear Brother / Sister,

The most important and effective thing to do for this subject is to move away him/her from the environment in which he/she stands in and provide him/her a religious community house (a dormitory like place where students come from abroad and study there while they are not separated from their religious duties such as fasting, praying). Mud definitely splashes to a person who is in a swamp. You should take him/her from that swampy environment and settle him/her in a place where there are decent people. Such an environment must be provided for him/her.

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