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what does islam talk about music. is it right for muslims to sing songs to glorify Allah?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Almost everybody agrees that human has two basic components: Soul and self. First, we need to distinguish between soul and self and point out how they two appear, and then answer the question.
Science cannot carry out experiments about soul and self. On the other hand, it can get some results indirectly, through examining the effects that these two leave on human. What psychology and parapsychology do today is this anyway. For instance, drawing conclusions about dreams on body examinations, which take place while sleeping can be considered among this type of indirect examinations.

Human soul constantly longs for his homeland, the hereafter and yearn for it. Yet for a certain time he cannot do it since he is confined to his bodily-cage. On the other hand, the self continuously seeks comfort and welfare and instills them into man’s will. As a result, man is under the influence of these two elements. Whichever appears dominant, s/he is forced to that way.
As for music, whatever music which addresses man’s agreeable feelings, brings about decrease in his worldly lusts, and an increase in seeking the hereafter further, we can say that this kind of music is beneficial. However, whatever music which addresses man’s carnal desires and keeps him/her away from his/her lofty feelings, it is clear that this kind of music is not any nourishment to his/her soul, but poison.

As for your question , when you sing or listen to a song, if it makes you feel religiously and makes you remember that the world is fleeting and mortal, and if it reminds you that the death is possible to come any minute and one day you are going to depart from this life and will perish, and if it reminds you the fear of Allah ,the love of Allah  ... it can be said that this kind of singing or listening is permissible, not haram.

However, if the music, song ... you listen to or sing incites your these lofty emotions badly and reminds you sadness and despairs of life and if it reminds the pains that come from leaving your beloved friends, and if it pushes you to saturninity, pessimism ... and if it leads you to sexual desires ... this kind of singing or listening is Haram, not permissible.

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