Is it permissible for a Muslim to sing a song?

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Can a Muslim sing modern songs of movies or any other album songs?
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A song or a piece of music that is permissible to sing, broadcast and listen to must have the following properties:

1- The lyrics and the clip of the song must not have a depressing and grievous content.

2- The lyrics and the clip must not arouse lustful and carnal desires.

3- The lyrics and the clip must not encourage evil things.

4- The lyrics and the clip must not praise something that is forbidden by Islam.

5- The lyrics must not include words about other people that are unpleasant, that criticize and blame them like backbiting, slandering and gossiping.

6- The lyrics and the clip must not arouse grudge, revenge, animosity, jealousy, hatred and discord.  

7- The person singing the song must avoid using a tune, lyrics and tone of voice that will arouse the feelings of the opposite gender by softening one’s voice, behaving coquettishly, etc.

8- The lyrics of the song, the singing style, its clip, the environment where the song is sung or listened to must be permissible.

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