first two verbal divorces, than rejoin, than again three divorces, now a baby, more than year,

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Respectable Imam , I gave two verbal divorces to my wife in Nov´2008, but we rejoined in few days and pay kaffara, than my ex-wife left my home on march 2009 and I gave three divorce to my ex-wife on a stamp paper in june 2009. she was pregnant that time but i was not sure, than on end of Nov 2009 she delivered a girl baby, if we both want to rejoin; what we have to do please help me in this regards; because its has been already three divorces and more than a year passed, thanks Ahsan Kamal Islambad
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Marriage and talaq are very sensitive and important subjects. For this reason the matter changes according to intention and what is said by the teller. We see that the answers given by e-mail are being understood wrongly and different comments are being held. In this respect, we do not approve to answer the matter of talaq by e-mail.

We advice the brother who said this words to go to Mufti or Imam (official learned in Islamic law who is in charge of Islamic affairs for a province or district) and to tell the situation and to behave inaccordance with it.

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