Why does Allah help a bad mother?

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Why does Allah help the lying mother who kept our child away from me for years? I have a child that I have not seen for 4 years. The child’s mother does not let me see him because I divorced her. I cannot write them all, but it is very badly done by my ex-wife and my ex-family. If I wanted to be near the child and see him grow up, she and her family tried to force me to stay with them. I have a really good reason for divorce and now they are punishing me. I live in a country where women have more rights over children and can use the court system. Even if I prove she is wrong, they will not let me be with my son. So, all doors are locked and I have nowhere to go to try more. I have been doing this for 4 years. The question in my mind is this: Why does Allah help this bad mother through me? I do not understand it. If we say it is a test, I lost it to see my son grow up and all the feelings were broken. I do not have any more patience; I really want to die because I do not see any light in this world any longer. I do not want anything more here. It is better to die than to live because I am afraid that I will be worse. I am not the best of the Muslims but I believe that Allah will or should help me more than this and that it will be compensated in the hereafter. Everything is in the hereafter. Why does Allah not punish her for it and why does she always get away with it? Where is Allah’s justice? Where is Allah right now, when I need Him most? I have lost my son and I do not want to wait to see him when he grows up. It is neither Allah’s love, nor mercy, nor anything else. I feel so disappointed because Allah did not help me.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Allah creates His servants in this worldly life with their free will, desiring them to be good and evil, believers and unbelievers, righteous and wicked based on their free will.

If He helps His good servant and prevents the evil of His bad servant, He will be like a teacher who allows cheating in the exam.

Due to some actions such as prayer and charity, Allah intervenes exceptionally (as a miracle or karamah), prevents evil and helps the good; but it is not the general rule.

As for your case, if He prevents the oppression of the woman (mother) in order to help you, that mother cannot be cruel even if she wants to, and cannot be bad even if she wants to; however, he who wishes to be good will be good and he who wishes to be bad will be bad; that is the rule.

Continue to be good and pray despite everything.

As for the person who is afflicted, this misfortune will ultimately be a mercy for that person. If he has sins, it will atonement for them. If he has no sins, it will be atonement for the sins he will commit in the future. In addition, the misfortunes that hit him may lead him to Paradise. In other words, Allah will treat His afflicted servant with His mercy and the rewards He will give will reduce that misfortune to nothing.

Since we do not know the low-down of the incidents, we immediately interpret a seemingly bad event as bad and object by asking why it happened and why it happened like that. We definitely do not ask for misfortunes and calamities but when they happen, it is necessary not to rebel, but to be patient and to thank Allah; it is necessary to say, “Both Your wrath and grace are nice” by thinking about the reward, which is the highest level of servitude.

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