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Due to some domestic problems my brother was forced to divorse his wife.He was given a written divorse form(filled with three divorese) to sign it.He not studied it and just signed. After some days he taken back said form and replaced it with "Two Divorse" statement. Fatawa was taken on said situation, and as per fatawa two divorse were implemented. After three years now he once agian said the word "Talaq" to his wife. He now want to rejoin his wife. Kindly give a fatawa in this regard. Thanks
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Marriage and talaq are very sensitive and important subjects. For this reason the matter changes according to intention and what is said by the teller. We see that the answers made by e mail are being understood wrongly and different comments are being held. In this respect, we do not approve to answer the matter of talaq by e mail.

We advice the brother who said this words to go to Mufti or Imam (official learned in Islamic law who is in charge of Islamic affairs for a province or district) and to tell the situation and to behave inaccordance with it.

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