Does Allah expect a person who he knows that will not obey Him to obey?

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Ibnur-Ravendi says, "It is not wise for a person to expect obedience from a person who he knows that will not obey." Is it appropriate for Allah to expect a person who He knows that will not obey Him to obey?

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- Ibnur-Ravendi is a Shiite person known for his beliefs and views that can cause a person to exit the religion of Islam.

- Since Allah’s knowledge is pre-eternal, ignorance cannot penetrate into it.

It is obligatory for Allah, who is the owner of this endless knowledge, which encompasses the past and the future, both in terms of intellect and religion, to know who will obey Him and who will not.

However, testing takes place based on the knowledge of those who take the test, not the one that gives the test.

In other words, those who are subject to testing have to take the test personally so that the test will be fair.

For instance, a teacher knows with his foresight, experience and extra sensory perception that a student will fail but will it be appropriate for him to say to that student, “you do not have to come to school because I know that you are going to fail” and make him fail at the beginning of the year “instead of the end of the year”?

It will not be appropriate because it will be unjust to grade that student without seeing how he will perform.

It is clear that a teacher that has such knowledge will not have any EXPECTATIONS that this student will be successful.

A person who looks at this example carefully will see the answer to the question.

To sum up, with His pre-eternal knowledge, Allah knows those who will not obey Him.

However, He will test them too so that justice will be realized. Nevertheless, He will not expect that they will obey Him because He knows that they will not obey. For, such an expectation clearly contradicts definite knowledge.

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