If Allah knows what we will do, why did He send us down to Earth?

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If Allah knows what we will do, why did He send us down to Earth?
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While creating the Universe, Allah arranged it not according to our small brains’ engineering, but according to His infinite wisdom. It is normal that our brains cannot comprehend everything.

I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me” (adh-Dhariyat, 51:56). The verse indicates the reason of our creation.

The concept of justice is determined according to practices, not according to opinions. In this sense;

Imagine a teacher. He enrolls two new students, one named A and other named B. While enrolling them, he says “B will fail and A will pass and rank first”, depending on his former experience. Although he knows it, can he suggest those students to give up education saying “as the result of it is obvious, you do not need to come to school”? It is clear that the suggestion would not be appreciated by the students. What should be done is to provide those students with equal opportunities so that justice can be done. If the student, who fails at the end of the year, objects to the teacher by saying; “Teacher! I failed because you knew it”, of course the teacher’s answer is easy: “Knowing is not like causing; it cannot force someone to do something. That is, you did not fail because I knew it, but I knew that you would fail. Knowledge is known by what is obvious. Something is known the way it will happen. For instance, if I had not known, you would have still failed. I did not force you to fail with my knowledge. I provided you with the same opportunities as everyone. It is a great insolence to put the blame of ignorance and laziness on the teacher…”

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