Belief in Qadar E19: Is man a prisoner of Qadar? (CHAPTER 6)

In this last chapter, the answer of this question has been answered with the example of the teacher.

Think of a very experienced teacher. With the experience, he guesses which students will pass the class and which students will fail at the beginning of the year and he records this prediction in a notebook. And when the end of the year comes, the students whom the teacher had predicted that would pass become successful and other students fail. The teacher gives the students their school reports and the students see them. After they see them, the teacher says: "Look! This is my notebook. I had predicted that you would fail and I had written it at the beginning of the year. And you failed as I had predicted." In response to the words of their teacher, do these lazy students have the right to say this: "O teacher! You wrote this writing before our failure. Then, the cause of our failure is this writing of you. If you had written about us, 'They will pass the class', we would have not failed." Doubtlessly, they cannot say it because the knowledge of the teacher is dependent on the known (laziness of these students) In other words: The cause of their failure is not the writing of the teacher. On the contrary, the teacher knew with his or her experience that they would not study and act lazily; and the teacher wrote it in the notebook. If they had failed because of the writing of the teacher, the teacher would have written for the hardworking students: "They will fail"; and the hardworking students would also have failed. However, none of them happens. Nobody fails or becomes successful because of the writing of the teacher since the knowledge is not a means of force and compulsion. It is only a determination and declaration.

Likewise, Allah, who is the teacher of the unseen realms, knows with His eternal knowledge which people will fail the test of life and which people will pass and go to Paradise; and He wrote this knowledge in the book of qadar, which is a title of the knowledge of Allah. If the students who fail blame their teachers and attribute their failure to the writing of the teacher, they do a meaningless deed. Similarly, if a sinner person blames qadar because of his or her own sins, this person also does a meaningless deed and it is far from reality.

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