Why has man been given the faculty of will and how should that faculty be used?

Will is a great blessing for man. A spider has a web and it cannot will to weave anything else. And a silkworm is not knowledgeable about a web. A horses duty is running, a camels duty is carrying burden and a nightingales duty is singing. They have no power to get out of their duties. They are not given that kind of will.

But, what about man? Man is both able to make a needle and a rocket. So many different, even opposite books can rise from his thought. And his heart is open for several loves from transient to enduring; he can love what he wishes. He can do all of those by means of a great favor called will, or by a responsibility of a great test.

Man should utilize that great wealth properly. Heeding what one was told and obeying orders is a matter of will. The opposite of it is disobedience and rebellion. If a student uses his will to heed what his teacher commands, he becomes a scholar, a wise person. Ones who esteem disobedience as a good act can do nothing but increase their ignorance.

A person who knows he is a servant of Allah and is aware of that, submits his partial will to his Lords universal will. Namely, he performs what He consents to and he avoids what He does not. Almighty Allah will bestow eternal Paradise to his servants who can succeed in that test of will. Allah, who grants seeing to eyes and hearing to ears, gives what will deserves as follows:

Allah creates what man wishes by his partial will. That is another manifestation of the Divine will. Namely: Almighty Allah has willed to create a being that has will, He has wished to let him go on the way he uses his will and He has willed to create whatever he wishes, good or evil. Then, by rebelling, man does not perform an action in spite of Allahs will but he performs an action opposite to His consent.

Allahs will is boundless and absolute. Another will that can restrict His will cannot be considered. Servants faculty of will has been created as he himself has been created. It is not possible for a created thing to restrict the Creator..

The Pre-eternal Will has determined an eternal Hell for the ones using the faculty of will He has bestowed to rebel Him. Come on; let us use our will for good actions in order not to go to His place of punishment If we do so, then we can attain His consent which highly surpasses Paradise.

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