Is one asked if he wanted to be created and tested?

Let us observe ourselves. Imagine you were an artist or a sculptor. In order to see that talent in you and to show it to others, draw a picture or make a sculpture of a stone, a tree, an animal, a woman and a man. Amongst them, give the ability to speak and comprehend only to the ones in form of human beings.

Let us observe ourselves. Imagine you were an artist or a sculptor. In order to see that talent in you and to show it to others, draw a picture or make a sculpture of a stone, a tree, an animal, a woman and a man. Amongst them, give the ability to speak and comprehend only to the ones in form of human beings.

Now, what would you say, how would you react if one of them objected to you and said “Why did you make me?”, “Why didn’t you ask me if I wanted to be a human being?”.  Would you not at least say “I made you out of nothing; I made you not a stone, a tree or animal but the most precious of all. Although you are supposed to thank, why are you objecting?” Then, hearing such an objection, you would tear it apart and throw into the wastebasket. And you would put the one who was content with what it was to the best place and display it to everyone.

And if the stones around there said “if s/he is not content with what s/he is, let us change places” upon hearing it,, would they not be right?

So, my brother; that is what our state is as the most intelligent and the most precious beings. Although Allah gave us the most beautiful shape and features amongst everything, if we object, what would you do when an animal said “let us change our places” or “may Allah exterminate you and replace me with you”?

If Allah tore those objectors apart and threw them into the wastebasket, that is hell, and placed the one who was content in Heaven and endowed the most beautiful boons on him, would it not be the best of justice?

Allah created us to know Him and worship Him as He deserves. He also created the tools and devices which will enable that duty. That is to say, what is expected from us and what we are given are in harmony with each other and are balanced. Anyone who has a reasonable consciousness knows that there is not any injustice here.

On the other hand, expecting Allah to ask us if we wanted to be created or not, would be limiting Allah’s might. However, according to the consensus of the Islamic scholars, Allah cannot be questioned for His works. Nevertheless, nobody can say that any work or creation of His in the universe is without a reason or unfair because there is not a single occurrence in the universe which is unwise or groundless. Scientists who carry out detailed researches on the universe are amazed at the Divine wisdom.

Unwise and groundless occurrences cannot be seen in the universe; similarly can they not be seen in Islamic laws either. That is to say, Allah does not place upon as any burden that we cannot bear. Allah, who has given all animals, plants and lifeless beings duties, will definitely give us some duties. Otherwise, the wisdom present in the universe would seem meaningless to people. Allah, who is free from all kinds of meaninglessness in His works, is definitely supposed to place upon people burdens that they can bear.

Reason why Humankind was Created

It is possible to evaluate the issue from two different points of view. Firstly, all other beings work centered around humankind; they render service to humankind. In this sense, one thinks of two cases. It is necessary to state either that other beings recognize humankind, know their needs and take pity and show mercy on them, and thus trees bear fruits in order meet humankind’s need for vitamins and animals provide them with meat, milk and egg in order meet their need for protein… or that human beings do all of those things with their own power…

However, when considered carefully, it is understood that all beings work in order to meet human beings’ needs not because human beings take them under their control, overwhelm them or fight against them but because a Might - which processes the earth, air, water and fire as human beings cannot obtain their essential needs from them directly – gives human beings apples through trees, eggs through chickens, milk through sheep and filters the harmful rays through Atmosphere for human beings.

So, it can be said that all of those things do not occur because the human beings are powerful, mighty and dominant, but contrarily because they need help as their power is not enough to realize all those magnificent events; that is to say, they occur because human beings are weak and helpless. They are provided with boons because they do not have them; they are inspired because they are unknowledgeable and they are offered to meet their needs.

Upon that deduction, a question arises in one’s mind. Why did the Infinite Might, who makes all the beings work for humankind, create human beings and what does He want from them?

In order to answer that question, one needs to determine the difference between human beings and other beings very well.

Yes, Allah created human beings in the most distinguished form in the whole universe. Unlike all of the other beings, they are given a mind to comprehend benefits and aims of other beings, a consciousness to distinguish between good and bad, a skill to learn all knowledge, a heart to perceive hidden mysteries, a tongue to taste all those delights, a couple of eyes to see all fine details of the beauties and a couple of ears to hear all kinds of melodies and divine glorifications.

Allah the Glorious chose human beings, whom He created as the most prominent of all beings, to be His friends and addressed them. He let them know His orders and prohibitions through divine books He sent down for them and showed them the ways to happiness and rightfulness.

If human beings do not appreciate those elevated feelings and the organs given to them, they forget the Giver of them and become heedless of Him. They forget that they are creations and art pieces of Allah, that they are always under His discipline and supervision and that they live by the boons He has given them. Then they refuse to do the duties they have to do. Yes, one who knows himself and that the reason of his creation is worshipping Allah complies with that reason.

Evaluation of the issue from a different point of view

Visible balances present in the universe are each a reflection of justice. Accusing Allah, one of whose names is Haq (justice) and to whose unique justice the Universe bears witness with its ecological, astronomical and geological balances, of injustice is a significant injustice against truth.

Blaming Allah for all unfairness, exploitations, killings and murders is such a great disrespect and unfairness that it could cause the end of the world and trigger His wrath.

World is neither a paradise nor a place of remuneration; it cannot be a land of happiness and abundance for everyone. Those who come to the world pass away quickly, the youngsters grow old, people deal with troubles and problems all the time and they are staggered with the slaps of separations and longings. All of them point out that the reason why human beings were sent to the world is testing and trying them. They will travel to another world after completing their tests and have either the remuneration of passing the test or the punishment of failing it there.

Throughout the lifespan of humankind, which is a being tried, there are ups and downs. Divine Testing has – generally – two questions and two answers. One of those two questions is about hardships, troubles, problems and responsibilities. The other one is about wealth, abundance, relief, blessings and boons. Human beings live all through their lives either in an atmosphere of bliss and peace or of grief and sorrow. The answer to the first question is patience and the answer to the second one is thankfulness.

He is Allah who creates problems and ask human beings questions about them and expect the answer of patience from them and who creates the question of relief and asks human beings about it and expects the answer of thankfulness from them.

People are free to answer or not to answer those questions. However, they do not have the right to ask the form or style of questions to be changed because it is a Divine rule and cannot be changed. (see al-Ahzab, 33:62). One should keep in mind that tests are so important that they cannot be left to students’ preferences.

He is Allah who creates both good and evil in terms of fate. However, those who are tested are not puppets. They also play a role in the bad events that they experience. What one should be careful about is this: there are two aspects in every event which interest people:

First: Points related to Allah’s creation. That is to say; both good and evil are the creations of Allah. That is what Allah’s Oneness requires.

Second: Points related to occurrences and inclinations which are related to people’s earning and in which there is no act of creating and things which are reasons for Allah’s creation. That partial free will must be given to human beings so that they can be tried with their free will and they can be held responsible of the consequences. Therefore, it has been given to human beings so that justice can be practiced.

When we evaluate the issue from that perspective, we will realize that it is not as it is seen. For instance, if there is an illness, its creator is Allah. However, its aspects which do not indicate creation belong to human beings. For example, drinking cold water while one is in sweat is a fault of the person and he is responsible for being ill as a result. He is responsible for having sore throat and catching cold. Nevertheless, He is Allah who creates the illness. A virtuous person, like Prophet Abraham, thinks that badness belongs to him in terms of being a reason and goodness belongs to Allah in terms of being a creation; and says: And when I am ill, it is He Who cures me.” (ash-Shu’ara, 26:80).

If we do not think like that, then, we should not get angry with anyone who breaks our arm or leg, who steals our property and even kills someone. And in this sense, Allah should not punish them. “Say, ‘The truth is from your Lord’. Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it)” (al-Kahf, 18:29).

If they accuse thee of falsehood, say: "Your Lord is full of mercy all - embracing; but from people in guilt never will His wrath be turned back. Those who give partners (to God) will say: "If God had wished, we should not have given partners to Him nor would our fathers; nor should we have had any taboos." So did their ancestors argue falsely, until they tasted of Our wrath. Say: "Have ye any (certain) knowledge? If so, produce it before us. Ye follow nothing but conjecture: ye do nothing but lie." Say: "With God is the argument that reaches home: if it had been His will, He could indeed have guided you all." (al-An’am, 6: 147-149).

We can interpret the statement “if it had been His will, He could indeed have guided you all” as it follows:

“O people! It is Allah’s job to determine how to try and test. If He had willed, He could have organized a testing which everyone would pass. Or, He would make all of you pass it and guide you to the straight way without any testing. Nobody could hinder Him. However, He wanted to distinguish between good and bad people, between hardworking and lazy students, between people who use their reasoning and suggest truth such as Abu Bakr and people who are arrogant and go after the desires of their lower-selves such as Abu Jahl. That is what justice requires.

Allah has many proofs with Himself to convince you that He does not torture people or treat them unfairly with that system. For this reason, know your limits, and trust in Him. He can hold everyone responsible and question everyone; however, nobody can question Him. Compared to His sea of infinite knowledge and wisdom, your knowledge is not even a drop of water.

Believe in His wisdom, trust in His mercy, hope for His forgiveness, believe that He will never behave unfairly and give in to Him as a Muslim so that you can find peace…”

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