We find the shape, color and smell of the fruits very suitable for our body. That is why we praise Allah. These arguments may collapse if artificial selection is true, those arguments might fail. Is artificial selection true?

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Artificial selection occurs as a result of controlled breeding of domestic animals and plants. When it is decided what animal or plant to be produced by human hand, it will also be decided what genes will be transferred to future generations.

It is a fact that the genetic structures of organisms are changed. Whether this is religious or not does not eliminate this fact.

Getting the technological machines to do what the chicken does does not mean creating a law. On the contrary, it means to come to the conclusion by forming the conditions foreseen for the incubation period by Allah in another mechanism. Likewise, artificial selection, changing genes, changing hormones, and cloning take place with Allah's creation.

It is another issue whether Allah is pleased with them or not because there are two types of will of Allah. The first one is about creation, and the other one is about religious life. It is also up to Allah to create the things that the “willpower” about religious life is not pleased with.

For example, Allah states in the Qur'an that He does not show consent a person killing another person unfairly. However, Allah takes the lives of all those who are killed unfairly.

The summary of it is as follows: The causes coming together is actual prayer; and this thing happens after Allah accepts that prayer.

Similarly, all changes that have been made have to occur with the framework of actions, essences, and laws created by Allah. It is unthinkable that Allah shows consent to the changes - material or nonmaterial - which are harmful to humans. However, even if the actions of people are harmful, the creator of them is also Allah. It is Allah who makes the killer succeed in murder, the thief in theft - although He does not show consent to these actions - as a criterion of the fairness of the testing, who gives man what he wishes with his free will and who invents the points of creation.

It is understood from the Quranic verse below that people will make some changes in the creation of Allah through the suggestions of devils: “Satan said: … I will order them to deface the (fair) nature created by Allah.” (an-Nisa, 4/119)

In conclusion, we can say that no matter how the changes are made on organisms, we are grateful to Allah in return for the blessings we have received. For, the only Creator is Allah. However, the fact that Allah created them - as a necessity of being the only god and only creator - even if they are bad does not free the people who disrupt our health from responsibility.

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