Can we say that Allah knew that unbelievers will live in unbelief and that hence He created them in non-Muslim countries?

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We can say that Allah Almighty knew that the unbelief of unbelievers would not change due to their insistence on unbelief and obstinacy that is certain in the pre-eternal destination; can we also say that unbelievers were generally created in non-Muslim groups or nations due to this attitude of theirs?
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We cannot deduce that Allah created unbelievers from unbelieving parents orin non-Muslim countries since He knew with His pre-eternal knowledge that they would be unbelievers. As a matter of fact, if they have not heard about Islam or if they have heard about it in a wrong way, they will not be held responsible.

Allah calls everybody to account according to the conditions and the environment they live in.The responsibility of a person who was born in a Muslim country will not be the same as the responsibility of a person who was born in a non-Muslim country.

This fact should not be ignored while analyzing the issues related to qadar (predestination) and justice. Everybody has different life conditions, different problems as an individual, in their families and with their relatives, different financial problems, and finally a different world peculiar to them based on the social structure of the country they live in.

The results of this divine division and sharing, whose wisdom we cannot know truly but which we do not doubt to be fair, will be shown on the Day of Judgment; as it is stated in the chapter of az-Zilzal,man will be called to account for an atom´s weight of good, and an atom´s weight of evil there.

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