Can an imam lead a daily prayer twice?

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Can an imam lead a daily prayer twice?
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When a daily fard prayer is performed for the second time, it will be accepted as nafilah (supererogatory). Since a person who performs a nafilah prayer cannot lead that prayer as an imam for someone who is performing a fard (obligatory) prayer, he cannot lead the same prayer twice. That is, as an imam, he can only lead a daily fard prayer once.

Leading the same fard prayer the second time as an imam to another congregation is unanimously regarded makrooh (abominable) and bid'ah (invention in the religion) by scholars. (see Zuhayli, al-Fiqhul-Islam, 2/165-166, Jazari, al-Fiqhu ala’l-Madhahibi’l-Arbaa, 1/436).

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