Are there any logical reasons for having children?

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Can you give good logical reasons for having children? Why should there be children? Is it necessary to increase the generation?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Yes, the generation needs to increase and perpetuate.

Production is necessary for the continuation of a factory; similarly, yielding fruits is necessary for the continuation of the tree. Otherwise, that factory is destroyed, that tree is cut down.

Man is the most beautiful product of the factory of the universe and the most perfect conscious fruit of the tree of the universe. This product or whatever it is must continue. Or…

Besides, having children is one of the main purposes of marriage according to Islam because the best bearers of religion and ethics are children growing up in families.

With their actions, words and advice, parents become role models for children and ensure that religious values are passed on to the next generation.

Our Prophet (pbuh) said, “Get married and increase in number; I will be proud of your multitude on the Day of Judgment”, advising us to increase in number from another point of view. (See Bayhaqi, 7/81)

Having children also has psychological and social benefits.

It is the goal that keeps people alive and the despair that kills them. People with goals and ambitions have higher energy. A person’s goals such as school, career and marriage might be over, but his expectations for his child and his future never end.

Therefore, the child strengthens the bonds that bind people to life and saves them from emptiness. Their goals never end until they die. Otherwise, withdrawal from life might begin with a feeling of emptiness at an early age.

One of the most beautiful things that spiritually relaxes people is to love children. Those who are deprived of this love try to meet some of their needs with cats and dogs.

The person who will help an old person willingly without expecting any material benefit is his child.

The person that parents will call for help without hesitation is also their child.

Those who do not have children constantly experience the feeling of “forlornness” in their old age. They continue their lives in a constantly anxious mood.

The most important thing is to raise people for the eternal and infinite realm of Paradise from the mortal and ephemeral realm by having children, by Allah’s leave, and to ensure the continuation of family life there.

Even that alone is enough to have a child because the best of all feelings given to us in this world will continue in Paradise. Therefore, being a family here will be a means of continuing as a family in Paradise.

What else can we want?

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