Why has the human brain been accepted as a research project in the twenty-first century?

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8.1.1-Human Brain

Let us go back to our topic; as a person who deals with man and human psychology, I find neuroscience important because the organ of human behavior is the brain. The emotions, thoughts and behaviors in our brain are shaped by certain chemicals.

The information we have has increased a lot lately; there are even studies on artificial intelligence. Today, industry 4.0 is mentioned. Industry 1.0 was in the industrial revolution; the steam power first emerged in the 1850s. With Industry 1.0, machine power generated energy from water and steam. Industry 2.0 began with the discovery of electricity. With the discovery of electricity, production increased more with industry 2.0; the discovery of electricity made a second revolution. In the third stage of the third industrial revolution, automation emerged in the computer system. Automation began to form a turning point. Now people are talking about industry 4.0. 4.0 is beyond automation. Then, the Internet of things began; after that the era of autonomous robots began. There are simulations, system integrations, internet of things, cyber security, 3D printer, etc.

The human brain research project is considered as one of the most important projects of the 21st century.

We see in these studies that autonomous robots will emerge. In the future, autonomous robots will do many things that are done manually. People feed dogs at home in the western society today. Why? To cure loneliness. In the future, dogs will be replaced by autonomous robots. Autonomous robots and learning machines will be able to chat with people, meet their needs and cure their loneliness. Maybe everybody will have autonomous robots in their houses to cure loneliness.

Artificial intelligence was brought to agenda at the World Economic Forum held in Davos and it was discussed that mind control could be applied. It was stated that it could be used to dominate the world. Google set up a persuasion laboratory. What are they trying to do there? They try to keep people in touch. There is a video on Youtube; then, another video; it directs our time and attention to it. This is how they control the mind: by managing our time and attention. That is how they rule the world. We see that our time is captured by them and even channels, social media channels. Applications and websites like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook deprive young people of sleep.

The new generation is called the Z generation; they are even called the alpha generation. Now a new generation is emerging. We have very serious question marks in our minds: What will happen to teenagers and children? We are living in a period where information changes very quickly, information is mechanized, and various facts are discovered. What does the human brain do in such a state?

There was a revolution in psychology. Accordingly, our brain is represented in every aspect as chemical. In 1994, Damasio wrote a book called “Descartes’ Error”. This book says, “Emotions are a scientific category”; thus, the concept of emotional intelligence emerged. Emotions were analyzed. Beyond emotions, spirituality was analyzed and the concept called neurotheology emerged.

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