What are the basic factors in family institution?

The universe is the land of order and wisdom There is neither a purposeless element nor a compound without wisdom and duty. The whole universe, from organs, which form a body helping each other, to the solar system and to the stars sets, teaches us this lesson. There is no unnecessary and wisdomless togetherness in the universe

The most valuable ring of this chain is Family. Certainly, it must have a very valuable purpose. What is this purpose? The answer to this question cannot be the satisfaction of the lust of two opposite sexes. For such an answer recalls such a question: Is family life too worthless to be considered with such a purpose? Are animals not far better than us in this respect?

We seek another answer to our question and say: The different abilities and peculiarities of men and women are considered together under one roof and spouses complete each other at all points. Although there is some truth in this answer, it also does not satisfy the soul when the issue is viewed in relation to the welfare of the worldly life. How should we be satisfied with such an answer if there are so many animals who feel no sorry for their past, carefree for their tomorrow, and meet their every need easily?

This idea leads us to the correct answer to the question: This world is a realm of wisdom and causes There is neither rain of apples from sky nor human beings sprout up from soil. We need tree for fruit and we need matrimony for a child. This is a divine law. If the sides observe this rule, also if they are predestined to that, a child is given as a gift. Allah Almighty gives parents at the service of this little guest who is sent to this world for testing and makes his/her parents serve him/her. This little guest is sometimes a gift for these servants and sometimes a cause of torment. At this very point, we see the difference between human babies and animal babies, marriage and mating.

Yes, children are gifts for their parents. For they are rewarded for the service they carry out for these delicate and heavenly creatures. Their feeding them is met with good pleasure of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty rewards even the meanest people who have never given alms to anybody all their lives for the expenses they incur for their children. Even if small, they have share from the task of prophethood if they tell their children beautifully where they come from and where they are going to, what their duties in this worldly life are. Besides, they get a share from the good deeds that their children will do in their lives

O you who believe! Guard yourselves and your families (through the enabling discipline of Islamic faith and worship) against a Fire whose fuel is human beings and stones. (Al-Tahrim Surah, 66:6)

You are all shepherds; you are all responsible from the conduct of those whom you keep. (Sahih Bukhari Hadith Book, Cuma, 11; Sahih Muslim Hadith Book, Imaret,20)

In some respects, children are a cause for punishment For their parents are to be held responsible for the sins that the children will commit if they do not make their Sustainer known beautifully and if they do not take care of their upbringing.

Your worldly possessions and your children are but a source of temptation and trial (for you); and God it is with Whom is a tremendous reward. (Al-Taghabun Surah, 64:15)

As an answer to a man, who asked, what is the right of parents over their children? the Prophet Muhammad said, They are either your Paradise or Hell.

In short, when it comes to family and marriage, we must first recall children and their upbringing.

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