Are parents regarded as travelers (musafirs) in their children’s homes?

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If an adult leaves the original homeland where he was born and grew up or a place where he settled permanently, and settles in another place to live permanently for any reason, that place becomes his original homeland (watan asli) and in that case the former homeland ceases to be his original homeland. The presence of parents or adult children in their former homeland does not matter. That is the preferred view. (see Ibn Abidin, Raddul-Muhtar, 2/614-615)

Accordingly, if a person leaves his homeland where he permanently lives and goes to his parents or children who are settled in a place far enough to be traveler (musafir) to visit them, to travel there, to do business there, etc., he will be subject to the decrees of a traveler.

Therefore, if he intends to stay there for fewer than 15 days according to Hanafis and fewer than 4 days according to Shafiis, he is regarded as a traveler (See Mawsili, al-Ikhtiyar, 1/268, 1/268)

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