I travel 300 km; Am I regarded as a traveler (musafir)?

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- Due to my work, I distribute supplies to supermarkets; I travel about 300 km a day. Am I regarded as a traveler (musafir) in terms of prayers?

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A person whose workplace he regularly commutes is at least 90 km away and who stays in the town where his workplace is located for fewer than 15 days according to Hanafis and fewer than 4 days according to Shafiis, he is regarded as a traveler (musafir) if he stays in a hotel, guesthouse, etc. in the town where the workplace is located. However, if he stays in his own house or a place he has hired, he is not regarded as a traveler. (see Ibn Abidin, Raddul-Muhtar, II, 614; Bilmen, İlmihal, p. 163)

Accordingly, if a person travels more than 90 km in the same city, he has to perform his prayers fully; that is, he is not regarded as a traveler. If he goes to different cities and leaves supplies to supermarkets there provided that they are more than 90 km away, he is regarded as a traveler.

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