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Assalamu Alaikum, my name is Azam, I have an English translated Quran, which I quite often read, my question is, is it mandatory to have wudhu before reading Quran? Like some times I am on the job or in the public, I am clean and pure but not with wudhu, can I read it? Please explain this to me, jazakallah.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Quran is the remarks of Allah Almighty. Because of the command explained in the 79th verse of the Surah of the Inevitable Event (Al-Waqia) “Which none shall touch but those who are clean”, it is not right to touch the Quran without wudhu (ritual ablution). Even if there is someone who comments that verse different, Islam scholars’ consensus is “it is not right to touch Quran without wudhu.”

However, it is acceptable to recite and read Quran without touching it without wudhu. Like as one who is canonical unclean can not touch Quran, also can not recite and read, too. But if the canonical unclean recite Ayatelkursi, Fatiha and Ihlas with the intention of pray, there is no drawback for it. (Hamdi Yazir, Interpretation, Al-Waqia, 79th verse’s explanation, Celal Yildirim, The Islamic Fiqh, IV. 157.)

The translation of the Quran can be read without wudhu. However, if the original Quran and its translation to any language are together in the same book, -because the books that including the original Quran with its translation are accepted as Quran- it is not acceptable to touch it without wudhu.

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