Is it permissible to hold and read the translation of the Quran without wudu? How should respect to the Quran be?

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It is permissible to read the translation of the Quran without wudu. However, if the Quran and its translation are together, it is not permissible to hold it without wudu.

It is necessary to start reading the Quran by saying, "Audhu billahi… and bismillahi…" We should take refuge in our Lord and ask help from Him in order to benefit from that holy book properly.

It is necessary for a person to have wudu if he wants to read the Quran by holding it.  It is necessary to turn toward the qiblah and assume a respectful attitude. A person who does not have wudu cannot hold the Quran if it is not in a sheath, bag, etc. Only the clean hands with wudu can touch the Quran.

The Quran can be read aloud in clean places and in the presence of the people whose awrah places are covered if they listen. It is makruh to read the Quran aloud in dirty places, in the presence of the people whose awrah places are not covered and who are busy with doing other things.   

It is not appropriate to read the Quran outside in the presence of the people who will not show respect to the Quran. It will cause disrespect to the Quran and the people will be held spiritually responsible; therefore, it is necessary to avoid it.

A calligrapher should keep the sheets of paper on which he will write the Quran on a high place; he should write with a pen that is not thin, on white paper and with clean ink. It is makruh tanzihi to write the Quran with thin pens in the form of small books. It is regarded permissible to decorate the Quran with gold or silver since it indicates respect.  

It is permissible to kiss the Quran, Hajar al-Aswad and the threshold of the Kaaba to show respect. It is called "kissing for religion". Kissing the hand of a blessed person is called "kissing for respect".

(According to Imam Shafii, it is a bid’ah that is mubah (permissible) or hasan (good) to kiss bread. That kissing can also be regarded as permissible by Hanafis.)

It is contrary to respect to enter the toilet with the Quran, with other religious books, with a ring on which something from the Quran is inscribed unless there is a necessity. It is necessary to leave them outside in a clean place before entering the toilet.

If a copy of the Quran becomes too worn-out to read, it should be wrapped by a piece of clean cloth and buried in a place where people will not tread. It does not mean despising the Quran, but showing respect to it. However, soil should not be thrown on it; a wooden frame should be made over it. It is not permissible to burn such copies of the Quran.

The other religious books that are worn-out can be buried, put in running water and can be burnt after the holy names in them are deleted. It is not permissible to use them to wrap things since it will mean disrespect to religion and knowledge.

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