Twelfth Aspect: The duties and equipment given to the highest ranking officers in the army of the King in the simile indicate an eternal realm. The message brought by the highest ranking aid-de-camp of the King.

Twelfth Aspect: Come, let us return now. We will speak with the chiefs and officers of these various groups, and looking at their equipment will inquire whether that equipment has been given them only for the sake of subsisting for a brief period in that realm, or whether it has been given for the sake of obtaining a long life of bliss in another realm. Let us see. We cannot look at everyone and his equipment. But by way of example, let us look at the identity card and register of this officer. On his card, his rank, salary, duty, supplies and instructions are recorded. See, this rank has not been awarded him for just a few days; it may be given for a prolonged period. It says on his card: “You will receive so much salary on such-and-such a day from the treasury.” But the date in question will not arrive for a long time to come, after this realm has been vacated. Similarly, the duty mentioned on his card has not been given for this temporary realm, but rather for the sake of earning a permanent felicity in the proximity of the king. Then, too, the supplies awarded him cannot be merely for the sake of subsisting in this hospice of a few days’ duration; they can only be for the sake of a long and happy life. The instructions make it quite clear that he is destined for a different place, that he is working for another realm.

Now look at these registers. They contain instructions for the use and disposition of weapons and equipment. If there were no realm other than this, one exalted and eternal, that register with its categorical instructions and that identity card with its clear information, would both be quite meaningless. Further, that respected officer, that noble commander, that honoured chief, would fall to a degree lower than that of all men; he would be more wretched, luckless, abased, afflicted, indigent and weak than everyone. Apply the same principle to everything. Whatever you look upon bears witness that after this transient world another and eternal world exists.

O friend! This temporary world is like a field. It is a place of instruction, a market. Without doubt a supreme tribunal and ultimate happiness will succeed it. If you deny this, you will be obliged also to deny the identity cards of all the officers, their equipment and their orders; in fact, you will have to deny too all the order existing in the country, the existence of a government in it and all the measures that the government takes. Then you will no longer deserve the name of man or the appellation of conscious. You will be more of a fool than the sophists.

Beware, do not imagine that the proofs of the transfer of creation from one realm to another are restricted to these twelve. There are indications and proofs beyond counting and enumeration, all showing that this impermanent, changing kingdom will be transformed into a permanent and immutable realm. There are also innumerable signs and evidences that men will be taken from this temporary hospice and sent to the eternal seat of rule of all creation.

I will show one proof in particular that is stronger than all the twelve aspects taken together.

Come now, look, in the midst of the great assembly visible in the distance the same noble commander whom we previously saw on the island, adorned with numerous decorations, is making an announcement. Let us go and listen. See, that luminous and most noble commander is conveying a supreme edict, beautifully inscribed. He says:

“Prepare yourselves; you will go to another and permanent realm, a realm such that this one will appear as a dungeon by comparison. You will go to the seat of rule of our king, and there receive his compassion and his bounty, if you heed this edict well and obey it. But if you rebel and disobey it, you will be cast into awesome dungeons.” Such is the message that he conveys. If you look at the decree, you will see that it bears such a miraculous seal that it cannot in any way be imitated. Everyone apart from idiots such as yourself knows of a certainty that the decree is from the king. Moreover, the noble commander bears such bright decorations that everyone except those blind like yourself understands full well that he is the veracious conveyer of the king’s orders.

Is it at all possible that the teaching of transfer from one realm to another, challengingly conveyed by that noble commander in the supreme edict he has received, should at all be open to objection? No, it is not possible, unless we deny all that we have seen.

Now, o friend, it is your turn to speak. Say what you have to say.

“What should I say? What can be said to contradict all of this? Who can speak against the sun at midday? I say only: Praise be to Allah. A hundred thousand thanks that I have been saved from the dominance of fancy and vain imagination, and delivered from an eternal dungeon and prison. I have come to believe that there is an abode of felicity in the proximity of the monarch, separate from this confused and impermanent hospice.”

Our comparison indicating the truth of resurrection and the hereafter is now complete. Now with Allah’s grace, we will pass on to the most exalted truth. We shall set forth twelve interrelated Truths, corresponding to the twelve Aspects discussed above, as well as an Introduction.

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Introduction / First Indication: The explanation of the characters of the previous story. The universe indicates a creator who has absolute sovereignty.

Second Indication: The duties of the prophet of the end of time who is indicated as the most notable commander in the simile and the proofs of his trueness.

Third Indication: The great importance of man despite his insignificance and the truth that his disbelief causes infinite crime, which requires infinite punishment.

Fourth Indication: The creation of this transient realm with utmost meticulousness by the King in the simile and the explanation of the fact that it would not befit the dignity of that King if he did not create an eternal realm instead of this transient realm.

First Truth: The indication of the truths of Dominicality and sovereignty and the name Lord, which is one of the Divine names, to the hereafter.

Second Truth: The indication of the truths of generosity, mercy, greatness and glory along with the names of Generous and Merciful to the hereafter.

Third Truth: The proofs of wisdom and justice in this world and the indication of the names of Wise and Just to the hereafter.

Fourth Truth: The indication of the truths of generosity and beauty whose works are visible in this world and the names of Generous and Beautiful to the hereafter.

Fifth Truth: The indication of the truth of Mercy whose works are seen in the world of living beings, Hz. Muhammad (PBUH) and the names of Answerer of Prayer and Compassionate to the hereafter.

Sixth Truth: The indication of the persistent and ever-changing works in the world which present splendor and continuity along with the names of Glorious and Eternal to the hereafter.

Seventh Truth: The indication of the actions; the seed of the flower, the fruit of the tree and the memory of man that present "safekeeping and protection" along with the names of Preserver and Guardian to the hereafter.

Eighth Truth: The indication of promises about a great day of reward and punishment which was informed by the Creator of the universe through the prophets and the names the Beautiful and the Glorious to the hereafter.

Ninth Truth: The indication of deeds as "killing" and "resurrecting" which are seen in the world of living beings and especially in the seasons of winter and spring and the names the Giver of life and the Giver of death to the hereafter.

Tenth Truth: The indication of beings and incidents to wisdom, grace, mercy and justice that encompass everything and the indication of these truths along with the names the All-Wise, the Generous, the Just and the Merciful to the hereafter.

Eleventh Truth: The indication of the nature skills and duties of man along with the name the Truth to the hereafter.

Twelfth Truth: The indication of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Qur'an and Basmala (In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate) to the hereafter.

Conclusion: The explanation of the verse as "Your creation and resurrection is but like a single soul"

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