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Belief in the Hereafter


Belief in the Hereafter # 13 : The Proof that the Value Given to Man Necessitates the Hereafter

Is it at all possible that God Almighty should value man so much, love him, make Himself loved by him, and then should condemn him to non-existence and not give him the endless bliss? No, never!

Regarding this proof, we will mention the value given to man first and state the signs of this value in items.

Yes, the most important and the most acceptable guest of the Owner of this realm is man because:

1. Man is the center of the general lordship of God Almighty in this universe. All of the things were given to him to use; it looks as if this realm was created for man and was trained so that man would benefit from it. Every creature, from plants to animals, from the sun to the moon, is a servant to man and was created in such a way as to serve him. This situation proves that man is the most valuable guest of the Owner of this realm.

2.  Man, who is a thinker, is addressed by God Almighty. That is, God talked to man only, in this realm, and addressed him through heavenly books. This situation – that is, that man is addressed by divine words – shows that man is the best creature of the Owner of this realm.

3.  Man is a large mirror for the names of God. The names that become manifest in almost every part of the universe become manifest in a single man, and man virtually becomes a huge realm by being the object of that manifestation. Yes man is the object of the manifestation of the most of the names of God, His greatest name and the greatest manifestation of each name of God. This situation proves that man has a different value in the sight of God.

4.  Man is a miracle of the power of God. He was created out of a drop of liquid and was equipped with endless material and spiritual organs and feelings. If the mind given to man is weighed and compared to all of the organs given to another creature, the mind alone will overweigh. If you add the other organs and feelings of man to this mind, you will see how valuable man is!

5.  Man is an inspector for the treasures of mercy. God Almighty created man in the form of an inspector for His treasures and equipped him with the best organs and tools. Everything, from the tongue to the eye, from the ear to the mind, from the nose to the hand, becomes keys for him and weighs the bounties of the treasures of mercy. This situation proves that man is the most delicate guest of the Owner of this realm.

6.  Man is the vicegerent of God on earth, the bearer of His trust, the chief of His creatures and the observer of the manifestations of the divine names. When these aspects are considered, no creature can catch up with man; and this tiny man overweighs the giant stars of the sky.

The value given by the Owner of this realm to man is too much to count. Besides, any person who meditates on his body will see the value shown to him and approve that he is the most important guest of this guesthouse.

Is it at all possible that the Lord of this realm should value man so much and then should kill him without the intention of resurrecting him, should condemn him to non-existence by reducing His love and appreciation for him to nothing and should do injustice, which is contrary to His justice and truthfulness. Definitely not!  

Yes, the value given to man proves that man was not created only for this world; he will go to an eternal, temporary land and he works for it.

Besides, those organs cannot have been given to man only for this life. For instance, if the following is said to the power of imagination, which is a servant and describer to the mind: “You will be given the sultanate of the world with a lifespan of one million years but then you will be annihilated”, he will be sorry instead of being happy unless the delusions deceive him and his soul intervenes. That is, the biggest ephemeral thing cannot satisfy the tiniest organ of man.

The hands of man that extend toward the eternity, his thoughts that have surrounded the universe and his desires that extend toward the endless bliss show that man was created for the eternity and he will go there. For man, this ephemeral world is a guesthouse and a waiting room for the hereafter.

In short: So much value given to man and so many organs and tools he is equipped with show that man is a candidate for the hereafter and he is invited to Paradise.

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