Belief in Qadar E04: What is Partial Free Will?

- What is Partial Free Will?

- What are the parts of human deeds?

- Can you show examples for human free will?

- What are voluntary acts?

- What are involuntary acts?

- Can you give information about partial free will by giving examples from real life?

- What is the role of man's partial free will while both good deeds and bad deeds are created by Allah?

- Why do we become responsible for our deeds?

- Is man free in his choices?, If he is free, then to what extent is he free?

In this chapter, you will learn about the concept of Partial Free Will. After you watch this chapter, you will see how man becomes obedient or rebellious with his free will. Three examples are given. The first one is the example of an elevator. The second is the example of ship and islands and the third is the example of a child who is sitting on the back of a wrestler.

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