Though People Diverge From Each Other In Terms of Height, Shape and Color, How Can It Be Maintained That They Are Descended From Same Parents?

Today some geneticists have proved that all mankind are the descendants of a single woman they named Mitochondrial Eve and spread across the world from one single center.

Molecular biologists R. Cann, M. Stoneking and A. Wilson assert in their articles in the Nature Magazine that Eve must have lived in Africa some 200.000 years ago. They base their conclusion about this issue on the interpretations of the detailed analysis of mitochondrial DNA components of the diverse mankind groups. DNA located in the mitochondria one of the organelles in the cell is a molecule made up about 16500 base pairs. In terms of sequence, this molecule is different from the core DNA. Its another feature is that that molecule is inherited only from mother.

The searches have demonstrated there are 130 mitochondrial DNA components. When a diagram displaying the interrelation of those types is formed, the searches have revealed that there exists a mitochondrial DNA component belonging to our forebear. Thus, it has been confirmed genetically that all the mankind in the earth are the lineage of a single human being. (Jim Wainscoat. Out of the Garden of Eden, Nature vol. 325, pp.13, 1987)

Cann, as a result of his analyses, said mitochondrial DNA is descended from a single female.

While the idea that modern human race shares a common ancestor is based highly on concrete molecular researches, paleontological evolution models, which exclude that idea, have been shown how subjective they are. Stephen Jay Gould, a famous paleontologist in Harvard University, evaluates those outcomes of the molecular biology as follows:

"If it's correct, and I bet it is, that idea is tremendously important. It makes us realize that all human beings, despite differences in external appearance, are really members of a single entity that had a very recent origin in a single place and reached today. There is a kind of biological brotherhood that is much more profound than we ever realized." (John Tierney With Lynda Wright and Karen Springen, The Search for Adam and Eve, Newsweek, pp. 44, 11 January 1988) (Rebecca Cann)

It is beyond any doubt that great minds think alike

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