According to Islam, mother of all humanity is one, how does science react to this claim?

In October 1987, Rebecca Cann from American Anthropology Institution in Chicago summarized her months took research as Eve Hypothesis. She set out her studies with the lately determined biological fact and ascertained that tiny bean-shaped organelle of the cell, which is mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is quite different from the DNA in the nucleus. While the DNA in the nucleus takes different shapes throughout the generations mtDNA without changing its form passes to the generations. That is to say, mtDNA of a mother is passed to her daughter without jumbling with fathers unlike the DNA in nucleus. And her daughters to their daughter and so on in its first form.

If that is so why would not trace back to Hazrath Eve by looking at mtDNA. So Rebecca Cann selected 147 pregnant women and took their placentas just after they gave birth. She analyzed and compared these mtDNAs in the cell of each placenta, which were taken from Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and European women. Meanwhile, a team of genecists from Emory University started to analyze the mtDNAs of blood cells of 700 people gathered from four continents.

Later, the results of the two researches combined, and found out that there are no differences in the mtDNAs of the people who are member of different races and who live in different continents. MtDNA was pointing out one single woman. According to genecist from University of California Berkley, Allan Wilson who witnessed the researches from the beginning in his laboratory, there should be one mutual mother of all.

A well-known paleontologist from Harvard University, Stephan Jay Gould also supports this view. For Mitochondrial Eve, he says, Id put money on it, this idea is tremendously important There is kind of biological brotherhood thats much more profound than we ever realized.

Children of the same family, describes California University biologists.

An evolutionary paleontologist, Fred Smith of the University of Tennessee, on the other hand, said, What bothers many of us paleontologists is the perception that this new data from DNA is so precise and scientific and that we paleontologists are just a bunch of bumbling old fools

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