Coincidence is unacceptable

Let us place a monkey in front of a typewriter. Let us suppose that the monkey randomly touches the keys on the typewriter. Would it be possible for a meaningful word, sentence, or page to form? Is the composition of a meaningful book within the realms of this possibility? Definitely not! If we sat a monkey in front of the keyboard, the odds of it typing the letter “O” would be 1 out of 29. The probability of typing “OX” is 1 out of 841. For example, the odds of typing “ETERNAL” are (1/297), so that is 1 out of 17.249.876.309, which is impossible in terms of time.

Are humans and animals not more excellent than a seven-letter word? Putting living beings aside, when we look at one DNA, we can find 3.5 billion nucleotides, which are 3.5 billion letters, in just one DNA molecule. If the odds of a seven-letter word forming by coincidence are 1 out of 17.249.876.309, then what are the odds of 3.5 billion letters coincidentally forming in a single DNA?

Yes, if those who try to explain creation through coincidence by denying the existence of Allah examined the real nature of the thing that they accept carefully and justly, they themselves would wonder how they accepted that idea.

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