The Absurdity of Coincidence

If we were to roll a die, the odds of rolling a four are 1 out of 6. If we were to roll two dice at the same time, the probability of rolling a four for both is 1 out of 36. The odds of having both dice roll fours in two sets both times are 1 out of 1,296. The odds of having both dice roll fours after the dice are consecutively tossed four times are 1 out of 1,679,616.

If the probability of rolling '4' four times on end when you throw two dice is 1 out of 1,679,616, then what are the chances of the 206 bones found in the human body being in harmony with one another?

Let us suppose that all bones were created by coincidence and that we took these bones and put them in a bag. Every time we pulled a bone out of the bag, we tried to align it to the skeleton’s arrangement. When we pulled a wrong bone out of the bag, we placed the other bones that were picked and fitted correctly till then back into the bag and started over. What are the odds of correctly picking 206 bones? Such a number cannot even be expressed in trillions.

Do not forget that we made this account by accepting that the bones had been created by coincidence. What kind of account could be made for the probability of the bones being created by coincidence? What if an additional account was made, not just for the bones found in people, but for all people sharing the same bone structure made from the same mineral, and what if animals were added to this account?

Could such a probability be accounted and could these numbers be expressed?

Then, only an insane person can claim that the universe emerged as a result of coincidences.

Do those who try to explain creation through coincidence by denying the existence of Allah not consider what kind of a possibility they will have to accept?

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