Third Flash: Stamps on living beings that indicate the existence and oneness of Allah.


Look at the living creatures revolving in this flowing universe, in this flood of beings! You will see that on each are many seals placed by the Ever-Living and Self-Subsistent One. One of them is this: a living creature, for example a human being, is quite simply a miniature sample of the universe, a fruit of the tree of creation, and a seed of the world, for he comprises samples of most of the realms of beings in the world. It is as if the animate being is a drop filtered from the universe in an extremely fine measure. So to create it and be its Sustainer, one has to hold the whole universe in the grasp of one’s power.

Thus, if your mind is not submerged in delusions you will understand that to make a word of power, for example, a honey-bee, a minute index of most things, and to write in one page, for example in man, most of the matters in this book of the universe, and to include in one point, for example in a tiny fig seed, the programme of the mighty fig-tree, and to display in a single letter, for example in the human heart, the works of all the Divine Names manifested in the pages of the macrocosm which encompass it, and to make written in the human faculty of memory, which is situated in a place the size of a lentil, writings enough to fill a library, and to include in that tiny faculty a detailed index of all events in the cosmos –to do all things is most certainly a stamp particular to the Creator of All Things, the Glorious Sustainer of the universe.

Thus, if one seal out of many dominical seals on living beings displays its light and makes read its signs thus, if you were able to see and consider all those seals at once, would you not declare: “Glory be to Him Who is concealed in the intensity of His manifestation!”?

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Fourth Flash: Stamps that show the existence and oneness of Allah on the deed of "giving life". The three windows that open up onto the existence and oneness of Allah in every particle. The stamps of "Divine oneness" and "eternal besoughtedness" on particles.

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