Second Topic: Seven aspects concerning the compatibility of Divine Determining with the power of choice.


This is a minute and scholarly investigation addressing scholars in particular.1

I f y o u s a y : “How is Divine Determining compatible with the power of choice?”

T h e A n s w e r : In seven ways...


1. This Second Topic is the most profound and difficult of the questions of the mystery of Divine Determining. It is held by the all learned scholars to be one of the most important and controversial questions of theology and belief, yet the Risale-i Nur has solved it completely.

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The First: The power of choice in terms of wisdom and justice.

The Second: The existence of the power of choice.

The Third: Divine knowledge, Divine Determining and the power choice.

The Fourth: Knowledge and the thing known; the definition of pre-eternity.

The Fifth: The differences of understanding among Jabriyya, Mu’tazila and Ahl as-Sunnah about the issue of Divine Determining, cause and effect.

The Sixth: The creation of deeds and the responsibility of man.

The Seventh: The relation between man’s will and Divine will and man’s responsibility.

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