Second Step: To think of yourself when it comes to death and service of others, to forget yourself when it comes to pleasure and desires.

SECOND STEP: As the verse, And be not like those who forget Allah, and He therefore makes them forget their own selves teaches, man is oblivious of himself, and is not aware of himself. If he thinks of death, it is in relation to others. If he sees transience and decline, he does not attribute them to himself. His evil-commanding soul demands that when it comes to inconvenience and service of others, he forgets himself, but when it comes to receiving his recompense, and to benefits and enjoyment, he thinks of himself, and takes his own part fervently. His purification, cleansing, and training at this stage is the reverse of this state. That is to say, when oblivious of himself, it is not to be oblivious. That is, to forget himself when it comes to pleasure, and ambition and greed, and to think of himself when it comes to death and service of others.

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Third Step: To regard the faults as coming from yourself, to know that all good deeds, power and richness from Allah.

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