Third Step: To regard the faults as coming from yourself, to know that all good deeds, power and richness from Allah.

THIRD STEP: As the verse, Whatever good happens to you is from Allah, but whatever evil befalls you is from yourself teaches, the nature of the evil-commanding soul demands that it always considers goodness to be from itself and becomes vain and conceited. Thus, in this Step, a person sees only faults, defects, impotence, and poverty in himself, and understands that all his good qualities and perfections are bounties bestowed on him by the All-Glorious Creator. He gives thanks instead of being conceited, and offers praise instead of boasting. According to the meaning of the verse, Truly he succeeds who purifies it,1 his purification at this stage is to know his perfection to lie in imperfection, his power in impotence, and his wealth in poverty.


1. Qur’an, 91:9.

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Fourth Step: To give up egotism, to regard himself as a mirror of the manifestation of Allah.

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