How is mahshar, that is the gathering area?

Mahshar: is a unique area where the name “The Owner of the Day of Judgement” will be manifested with all of its glory. The glorious scene that everybody will perceive the reality “Everybody will know and find their creator, deity, lord, master and owner directly”.

A unique painting in which the fact that only Allah is mighty and all of the creatures are weak is exhibited brightly.

That day is a different day. The sun will reveal all that it saw, and the night will reveal all that it knew in that area.

On the one hand someone who claimed that he was a god once will be dragged for questioning, his face hitting the ground.

On the other hand, someone else who once said, “Who can give life to decomposed bones?” will suffer in agony, astonishment and terror, and ask “Who woke us up from the place we were lying…?

With the Doomsday it will look as if the abdomens of the Lat and Uzza idols will be torn, and so many polytheists will come down to the gathering place (mahshar)!...

The cow of the Indian will be slaughtered and so many deviants will erupt from its larynx!... The monkey of Darwin will come down from the branch; it will vomit all of the evolutionists into the area….

Many more victims will come together in the gathering place.

Each void religion and belief will be humiliated there with their followers. The right will defeat the wrong. The beloved ones that sold their souls and goods for Allah, that lived as servants and died as servants of Allah will also come to that gathering place. They will also have a horrendous fear mixed with hope. They will also be questioned meticulously.

They will show in a nice way that everybody is in need of Allah’s mercy and generosity and the go on in their ways. Towards eternal palaces. 

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