How will Allah resurrect the creatures in the sea and aliens?

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- Allah will resurrect animals on the Day of Judgment. How will Allah resurrect the creatures in the sea and aliens?

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How can it be asked about Allah, who created them when they did not exist, how He will resurrect them a second time?

As a matter of fact, Allah states the following in a verse:

It is He Who begins (the process of) creation; then repeats it; and for Him it is most easy. To Him belongs the loftiest similitude (we can think of) in the heavens and the earth: for He is Exalted in Might, full of wisdom. (ar-Rum, 30/27)

Of course, there is no difficulty or ease for Allah. The expression used in the verse shows, according to human logic, that it is more difficult to make something out of nothing than to make it again.

The verse states that it is easier for you to do it for the second time than the first time because if you do something for the first time, it will be difficult; when you do it again, it will be easy. So, the statement is for people’s inadequate minds to understand. For, doing something for the first time and doing it for the second time, or inventing something and eliminating it are the same for God Almighty. There is no one like Him.

In that case, if Allah wills, He gathers them without any means, revives them and brings them to the gathering place.

Besides, the beings called aliens are jinn or angels; they are spiritual beings without material bodies; they do not need any means to come together.

As for what happens on and in the world:

After Doomsday, our world will pour out what is inside and outside of it into the resurrection square.

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi answers a similar question as follows: “Paradise and Hell are a great distance away. Through divine grace, the people of Paradise will pass through the resurrection like lightning or as swiftly as Buraq, and enter Paradise. But the people of Hell, how will they go, with their ponderous bodies, loaded down with the heavy burdens of their sins?  How will they travel?”

“...If for example all nations are invited to a general congress in America and each boards a huge boat and goes there.”

“In the same way, the globe, which travels the long distance of twenty-five thousand years in one year in the vast ocean of the universe, will take on its people, travel to the field of the resurrection, and disembark them.”

“Furthermore, the Hell at the center of the earth is indicated by the fact that the earth’s temperature increases one degree every thirty-three meters. That Hell will pour its fire into the Greater Hell (see Bukhari, Badul-Khalq, 10), whose temperature of two hundred thousand degrees is similar to that described in Hadith and according to Hadiths will carry out some of the duties of the Greater Hell in this world and the Intermediate Realm. Then at a divine command, the earth will be transformed into a better, eternal form, and will become one of the habitations of the hereafter.” (see Mektubat, Üçüncü Mektup)

So, the ship and the mount that will take those who will go to the Gathering Place is the world we live in. Just as the ships float in the sea so too does the world float around the ocean of gathering place like a ship.

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi describes the rapid rotation of the world both around itself and around the Sun and moving toward a goal as drawing a line around the Gathering Place. In other words, the world has been moving forward by drawing the big and wide Gathering Place since its first creation.

The world, which rotates at a speed of 1670 km per hour around its axis and 108 thousand km per hour around the Sun, will definitely disembark the people of Paradise and the people of Hell in the gathering place one day.

So to speak, the world is such a cruise ship that it takes the people of Paradise and the people of Hell to their destinations.

On the other hand, the world will not disembark only the people in it but also the mass of fire called the magma in the center, which is described as little Hell.

To sum up, this world that we live in, which acts like a cargo ship, will eventually deliver every cargo to its address, that is, to the Gathering Place; the people of Hell will be disembarked into the Hell located under the gathering Place with their weight, and the people of Paradise will fly to Paradise. The world itself will be made more beautiful and everlasting by Allah’s command; and it will become a part of the realm of the hereafter.

For more information, please click on the link given below;

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