Will animals go to the arena of the Gathering Place (Mahshar), too? What will their shares from the life in the hereafter be?

All of the human beings and animals that lived in this world will be gathered in the arena of the Gathering Place. However, the bodies of animals will transform into dust after the stage of reckoning but their spirits will live eternally. Every animal will enjoy the reward of fulfilling the duties charged on it in the world life without failure as a spiritual pleasure. Of course, it is impossible for us to know the nature of that pleasure because we cannot know which animal has what kinds of tastes, pleasures in this life. What we know is that the tastes and pleasures that will be enjoyed there will be at a higher degree as the hereafter is superior to this world.

Human beings and jinn are responsible beings among the living creatures. They are obliged to obey Allahs commands and prohibitions; they are subjected to a test in their life times and they enter into Paradise or Hell when they die. Since animals are deprived of reason, concepts such as sin-good deed, good-evil, Paradise- Hell are out of question for them. Essentially, spirit is immortal itself; it does not die, perish or decay. Body, where spirit is a guest temporarily, dies and scatters. Two kinds of creatures will be resurrected in the hereafter and they will be sent either to Paradise or Hell after they are judged. They are human beings and jinn.

The verse: When the wild beasts are herded together (the Quran, The FoldingUp (Al-Takwir); 5 (81: 5)) informs that animals will also be gathered in the arena of the Gathering Place. The verse: The Day when man will see (the Deeds) which his hands have sent forth, and the Unbeliever will say, Woe unto me! Would that I were (mere) dust! (the Quran, The Great News (An-Naba); 40 (78: 40)) informs that animals bodies will be transformed into dust after they are judged mutually in the arena of the Gathering Place.

According to Abdullah bin Umar, Abu Hurayra and Imam Mujahids interpretations of that verse, Almighty Allah will gather animals in the resurrection day and have them settle accounts with one another, and then He will order them, Become dust. and all of their bodies will be transformed into dust in the end, but their spirits will remain. Unbelievers, envying the animals survive from the tortures of Hell, will desire to become dust, too.

In a hadith, the Prophet informs that none of the unjustness will remain unrequited in the hereafter by saying: Every right holder will be given his right. Even hornless sheeps right will be taken from the horned sheep through retaliation. (Muslim, Birr 15, 60; Tirmidhi, Qiyama 2; R.Salihin, 204.)

In the Nur Collection, by emphasizing that animals are treated in a way to perform their aims of creation - what ever they are- in the most favorable way and they fulfill their duties in their lifetimes by putting up with all kinds of difficulties, every animals achieving an award peculiar to itself in the life in the hereafter is declared by the following expressions:

other animals and beings with spirits who perish while performing the dominical duties peculiar to their natures and in obeying the Divine commands, and who suffer severe distress, — it is not unlikely that there should be for them in the inexhaustible treasuries of His mercy a sort of spiritual reward and kind of wage suitable to their capacities, and that they should not be unduly troubled at departing this world, indeed, that they should be pleased.
Sözler (The Words) 220

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