Does the bone ajb adh-dhanab (coccyx) exist in all living beings?

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- If not, how will other living beings be resurrected?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Whether or not all living beings have the bone ajb adh-dhanab (coccyx), the one who created them for the first time will definitely create them again for the second time. That is the essential thing.

The reason why attention is drawn to the issue of ajb adh-dhanab in hadiths is perhaps aimed at drawing attention to the existence of cells, DNA-RNAs, which carry all the characteristics of the thing in question in the body of living beings.

It is given as an example because “ajb adh-dhanab” functions as the strongest seed and is located in the coccyx.

It means in the genetics of every living being, there are all the characteristics of that living thing like a seed. Accordingly, it can be said that there is a suitable ajb adh-dhanab for every living being.

However, Allah, who first created a tree out of nothing, can recreate it just as He created it again from its seed, or as He created it without a seed in the first place.

“It is Allah Who begins (the process of) creation; then repeats it...” (ar-Rum, 30/11)

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